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Lake Area Recovery Center provides a variety of non-residential services, both at the Donahoe Center and at facilities throughout Ashtabula County. Services provided by our outpatient staff include:

  • drug/alcohol assessment/treatment/continuing care
  • crisis management/walk-in emergency services
  • codependency assessment/treatment
  • group therapy
  • intervention training for concerned others
  • inmate services
  • on-call/after hours services referrals to detoxification or inpatient care



Extended Residential Treatment

Turning Point is operated by Lake Area Recovery Center and is designed to meet the treatment needs of the chronically chemically dependent. The facility accommodates twenty-eight residents for a planned length of stay of 60 to 120 days. Recognizing that addiction does not discriminate gender, it is proud to be one of the few facilities in the country to maintain an equal ratio of men and women who occupy separate living/activity wings. This program is most appropriate for individuals who need a highly structured environment to maintain abstinence while developing a chemical-free lifestyle.

Turning Point works effectively with multiple needs clients, those with special needs in addition to chemical dependency including dually disordered, diabetic, pregnant or physically challenged residents. Application for admission of special clients is considered on an individual basis. As with any resident, they must be physically self-sufficient and able to be involved in a confrontive group process. For those pregnant at admission, provision is made so that newborns are able to stay in residence at Turning Point until their mothers complete treatment.



Intensive Adult Day Treatment

In an effort to promote treatment for all segments of the population and keep pace with a growing demand for innovative, cost efficient yet effective services, Lake Area Recovery Center has developed Stepstone, an intensive adult outpatient rehabilitation program. Although not residential treatment, intensity and content are similar to that of traditional inpatient programs.

Stepstone can, in most cases, allow the individual to work while receiving the benefits of an intensive recovery program.

The program is twenty-three in length and consists of two phases. Phase I meets four times per week for eight weeks followed by Phase II which meets once per week for fifteen weeks. Morning and evening sessions are available.



Domestic Violence Interventions

CHOICES is a program designed for perpetrators of domestic violence. The group involves several individuals, usually from six to twelve, who are for the most part referred by the county lower courts. Before a participant begins the Choices program, an assessment is completed by a Lake Area Recovery Center counselor.

The CHOICES Program is a group designed to prevent the recurrence of violent situations in the family. The group provides participants with education and information that will help them cope with problems that often lead to violence.

CHOICES is twelve weeks in length and meets once per week.