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Lake Area Recovery Center addiction treatment programs and services are skillfully designed to help individuals with substance use disorders to become sober and enjoy happier, more fulfilling lives. All of our services implement evidence-based practices (EBPs) in addiction recovery.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery Programs

Lake Area Recovery Center’s various outpatient programs help individuals with substance use disorders to gain the necessary motivation to achieve sobriety, change negative and criminal thinking, manage anger problems, deal with past trauma, stop domestic violence, prevent relapses, and more.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Program

An IOP program at Lake Area Recovery Center provides clients with the intense treatment experience of inpatient programming through group dynamics without the need for on-site residential care.

Recovery Housing

Jefferson House (women) and Eubanks House (men) provide 24-hour recovery housing to individuals with substance use disorders, usually for 30-90 consecutive days.

Residential Treatment Centers

New Beginnings (women) and Turning Point (men) provide residential treatment to individuals with substance use disorders who are living at our recovery housing facilities.

Specialty Court Treatment Programs

Probation/parole officers or judges in a drug court refer offenders in active cases to Lake Area Recovery Center for addiction recovery services. By successfully completing treatment through a specialty court, participants can have their prison sentences reduced or expunged. Lake Area Recovery Center is involved with the following drug court programs in Ashtabula County:

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Lake Area Recovery Center provides temporary medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for certain clients with severe, long-term addiction problems.

Driver Intervention Program (AWARE)

The Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education (AWARE) Driver Intervention Program (DIP) is a 72-hour session for first-time offenses of driving under the influence (DUI) and/or operating a motor vehicle impaired (OVI) that serves as an alternative to an otherwise mandatory minimum 3-day jail sentence.

Peer Support Services

Peer support services that we provide involve individuals with lived experience of mental health or substance use challenges providing support, encouragement, and assistance to others facing similar struggles. These services are based on the concept of peer support, where individuals with shared experiences can offer empathy, understanding, and practical guidance. Peer support services play a crucial role in promoting recovery, reducing stigma, and creating a sense of community for individuals facing behavioral health challenges. The collaborative and empathetic nature of peer support can enhance the overall effectiveness of mental health/sud interventions.

Case Management Services

Our case managers use a collaborative and client-centered approach to providing comprehensive care and support to individuals receiving  SUD/mental health services in our outpatient setting. Our case managers focus on coordination of client care, advocate for the client in the community, link other needed services in the community, and monitor and follow up with the client to maintain adherence to their treatment plans.

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