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Recovery Housing for Men Recovery Housing for Women

What is recovery housing?

Addiction recovery housing provides 24-hour residence to individuals with substance use disorders who are receiving treatment at our residential treatment centers, usually for a period of 30-90 consecutive days. Eubanks House (previously named Opal House) is our recovery housing for men and Jefferson House is our recovery housing for women.

How does recovery housing work?

Recovery housing is gender-specific. Each individual has his or her own living quarters within the complex and is provided with daily meals. Besides addiction counseling and mental health evaluations at our residential treatment centers, recovery housing also provides daily fitness activity, weekly recreational activities, and nutrition assistance.

When is recovery housing necessary?

Clinicians must match the intensity of treatment with the level of addiction recovery care that each patient needs. Individuals with more severe or long-term addiction problems might need recovery housing and residential treatment, which may include drug detoxification and medication-assisted treatment if necessary. Those with co-occurring conditions such as mental health disorders may also require 24/7 supervision and more intensive treatment.

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